Temper Bead Procedure

Temper Bead Procedure

A Temper Bead Procedure can be used to repair or modify an existing pressure vessel for the asset owner. By using a temper bead procedure Ideal provides an advantage to the owner of the pressure vessel by saving down time when it is not economical or possible to PWHT in an oven or to transport the vessel to a local fabrication facility.

Many pressure vessels require post weld head treating which is an additional step that is very costly when done remotely due to the direct costs of performing the PWHT as well as the additional downtime required to facilitate the process.

Ideal Coatings & Fabrication Ltd has a temper bead weld procedure that can eliminate the need for PWHT when making repairs or alterations to your pressure vessel. This is accomplished by using a very controlled deposition using the SMAW process. We maintain strict preheat and interpass temperatures throughout the repair or alteration, and place weld beads in specific locations in the weld joint. Essentially heat treating the weld area as we weld it. Using this precision bead placement and careful maintenance of heat input can eliminate the need for costly PWHT or transport costs.

The value of using this procedure include

  • Reduced schedule and faster turnaround for the vessel saving days in reduced downtime.
  • Reduced costs by often allowing the owner to re-use an existing vessel avoiding the need for the costly PWHT process or the larger cost to rebuild a new vessel.
  • Increased flexibility as this procedure can be used on most (but not all) repairs and modifications in remote or local locations.

The article below provides additional technical supporting information to the use of a temper bead procedure. https://www.materialwelding.com/temper-bead-welding-tbw-controlled-weld-deposition-cwd/

Contact Ideal Coatings & Fabrication Ltd to learn more about this procedure and how we can support your needs to repair or modify your pressure vessel.

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