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Ideal Kids Youth Bursary

Kids are our future. At Ideal we believe kids have been some of the most affected by the events of COVID and other stresses that we have all faced over the past 24+ months. How our kids will be impacted by COVID may not be known for years to come. How can we impact their future now?  Extracurricular activities can provide kids with an outlet to help manage everyday challenges they face, even in the best of times.  We believe kids need something to look forward to such as art classes, soccer, music lessons, yoga, volleyball or any activity that can provide them happiness. Something that they can call their own.  

Ideal Coatings & Fabrication Ltd has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grande Prairie & Area, to create “Ideal Kids Youth Bursary”.  The bursary program is focused on kids 6 to 16 years old, who due to a financial need or hardship cannot participate in extracurricular activities.  

Ideal Coatings & Fabrication Ltd is very proud to be working with Corinne Patterson and the amazing team at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grande Prairie & Area.  

Together we are hoping to make a difference in a kid’s life by giving them the opportunity to “Just be a kid”.  

Ideal Kids Youth Bursary