HSE and Quality

Providing Certified Safety Standards of the
Highest Quality

IDEAL Coatings is committed to delivering high-quality industrial services while adhering to the strictest health and safety regulations and reducing environmental impact.

HSE & Quality

Health And Safety

IDEAL Coatings is committed to the protection and maintenance of our employees’ health, safety, psychological and social well being. We acknowledge that Workers have the right to a safe and healthy workplace. We will promote continuous improvement of our management systems, consistent with recognized standards and industry best practice.

Our goal at IDEAL Coatings is to promote safe work behaviors by encouraging continuous proactive identification and mitigation of workplace hazards. It is our aim that no harm shall come to our people or the public and that our operations comply with all applicable health and safety legislation.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
See It. Own It. Safety Starts with You.

IDEAL Coatings Management

The establishment and maintenance of comprehensive health and safety systems is the responsibility of IDEAL Coatings Senior Management. Employees and contractors are provided with proactive positive communication, education, training, and monitoring from middle management in order to meet their health and safety requirements.

IDEAL Coatings Supervisors

Supervisors ensure the health and safety of all employees and contractors under their supervision, as well as ensure that all workers are properly taught and instructed to complete their given tasks safely. They make sure employees are aware of any known or reasonably anticipated threats, as well as corporate policies and practices.

IDEAL Coatings Employees and Contractors

Employees and contractors identify hazards and make every reasonable attempt to reduce those hazards in order to maintain a safe, healthy, and productive work environment. They are fit for work and do not engage in activities that endanger their own or their coworkers' health and safety.

HSE & Quality

Environmental Social Governance

IDEAL Coatings recognizes the importance in contributing to sustainable development through good organizational governance and social responsibility practices.

IDEAL Coatings commitment to the welfare of society and the environment is a reflection of our overall performance and a testament to our reputation and the relationships we maintain with employees, stakeholders, clients, peers and the communities we operate in.

IDEAL Coatings identifies several areas of corporate social responsibility which include:

HSE & Quality


Quality Control is essential to all of IDEAL Coatings work activities.  Quality Control is not a process that can be completed at the end of a project.  Quality controls must be put in place and used in developing systems to ensure our products and services are designed to meet or exceed our client’s requirements

IDEAL Coatings is continually looking for ways to refine their Quality Control systems.  Key factors in a progressive Quality Program include consistency, accurate record keeping and documentation, inspections, audits, management of change and customer feedback. 

IDEAL Coatings is committed to continual improvement by regularly monitoring our Quality Control programs for compliance with industry and regulatory requirements and standards.

IDEAL Coatings maintains current regulatory certificates for all services provided.

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Locally owned and operated, IDEAL Coatings is focused on providing services to our clients throughout the Grande Prairie region and throughout Alberta.